Authentication Flow Diagrams

Auth and login flows can start simple and quickly get complicated. They can involve cookies, tokens, 3rd party services and integrations, analytics systems, and user role provisioning. Using Eraser's powerful diagraming features, you can easily visualize how users log in to your app and authenticate with any 3rd party integrations you offer.

Eraser's built-in examples are an excellent way to get started documenting your auth flows or design a new implementation.

Visualize auth flows

Sequence diagrams are perfect for visualizing auth flows, password reset flows, and other login related user flows. With Eraser's diagram-as-code feature, you can create beautiful sequence diagrams in minutes. Use our built-in example as a starting point, and add particulars such as databases, client-side storage and more.

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SAML flow

Struggling to explain SAML or design your implementation? Eraser's built-in SAML template is a perfect place to get started with a clear sequence diagraming. From here, you can add flows for new user provisioning and user role syncing.
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3rd party OAuth

Integrating with 3rd party services using OAuth 2.0? Eraser's sequence diagrams are perfect for visualizing the authorization and API request flow, including token and authorization code exchange. With Eraser's diagram-as-code feature, it's easy to make beautiful OAuth 2.0 flows in minutes, so you can easily create diagrams for every flow, including token refreshes and permission mismatches.

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