We know continuous integration, deployment and testing is a critical part of a healthy software development lifecycle (SDLC). The exact process and tooling will depend on the team and organization, and documenting it for everyone is critical to onboarding new members and making sure teams can efficiently bring what they build to production. Use cases include:

  • Mapping out deployment pipelines
  • Documenting special processes like migrations and rollbacks
  • Dev environments and tooling diagrams

Eraser's simple UI is easy to learn, and our keyboard shortcuts, icon library, advanced diagramming tools, and rich notepad make it an excellent tool for documenting your entire SDLC.

Deployment Pipeline

Eraser's keyboard shortcuts and preset icons make it easy to create beautiful, informative flowcharts that explain every aspect of your deploy, test, and monitor pipeline. You can also use our sequence diagram-as-code feature to easily build deploy flows. Embed several in one document to cover all of your different services, vendors, and data stores.

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Dev Env Documentation

The dev environment is an often overlooked but critical part of an organization's infrastructure. Knowing what dataset, data stores, and services are used, how to run and test services locally, and how to troubleshoot are critical parts for getting a team up and running quickly. With Eraser, you can easily embed diagrams into your How To and Getting Started guides, making it easy to create, maintain and update concise documentation.

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Migrations and Rollbacks

Migrations and rollbacks are some of the most important things to get right when they're needed. By making it easy to create, find, and reference these documents and diagrams, you can be confident that your processes will be understood and your knowledge up to date.

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