Entity Relationship Diagrams

Entity relationship diagrams (sometimes called schema diagrams) are a core part of planning and documenting your products and systems. Getting the data model correct and making sure everyone is aware of it will set every team up for success. These are perfect for:

  • Database diagrams: SQL tables or NoSQL doc structure
  • Visualize the data model used by your APIs and services
  • Visualizing the common types or data used in your UI

Eraser's simple UI is easy to learn, and our keyboard shortcuts, icon library, advanced diagramming tools, and rich notepad make it an excellent tool for documenting your data types and schemas.

Database Diagrams

Database diagrams are the most common use case for entity relationship diagrams. Using Eraser's diagram-as-code feature, you can generate (and modify!) a beautiful database diagram in under a minute. Eraser's intuitive syntax supports relationships between fields (and relationship cardinality), field metadata, and automatically generates your ERD.

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APIs and Services

Often times, your API might combine data from several different tables (or even other services!). When working on features, this structure is often more important than the underlying database representation. Entity relationship diagrams are an effective way of showing how these pieces fit together.

Embed these into our notepad and combine with our diagrams to create clear documentation of all your services.

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Building a knowledge base

For a culture of design and iteration to work, it needs to be easy to find, reference and incorporate existing work. Eraser's diagrams are richly integrated with our markdown-based note editor, make it easy to embed them directly into all of your docs. And our easy search and file-linking makes it a breeze to find and reference existing architectural documentation.

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