Basic web app on Azure

Optimize and secure your web application deployment with the Basic Web App on Azure example.

Basic web app on Azure

Optimize and secure your web application deployment with the Basic Web App on Azure example.

Architecture Diagrams
Cloud Architecture Diagram
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about this example

Microsoft Azure provides a comprehensive cloud platform for hosting web applications. This example showcases an Azure-based web app deployment:

  • Resource Management: Utilizes Azure DNS and Azure Key Vault within Resource Groups for secure and organized cloud resources.
  • Deployment Slots: Details the use of deployment slots in Azure App Service for staging and production environments.
  • Diagnostics and Monitoring: Connects Azure SQL databases and App Service to Azure Monitor and Log Analytics for performance monitoring and diagnostics.
  • Security and Identity: Incorporates Azure Active Directory for secure authentication and identity management.

When to use
  • Web App Deployment: When deploying web applications with requirements for high availability and multiple deployment stages.
  • Security and Compliance: When your web app needs to adhere to strict security and compliance standards, leveraging Azure’s built-in security features.
  • Monitoring and Performance Tuning: When setting up robust monitoring and logging for your web application to ensure optimal performance.

How to use
  1. Start editing: Duplicate the example file and double-click on the diagram to tailor it to your Azure deployment needs.
  2. Customize diagram: Add or modify nodes, groups, and relationships to align with your specific web app architecture and resource grouping.
  3. Customize layout: Drag elements on the diagram directly on the canvas to create an accurate visual representation of your Azure services and their connections.
  4. Collect feedback: Share the diagram with your team for collaborative editing and to gather insights for improving the architecture.

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