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“Implementing Eraser sped up diagram creation by 10x... This efficiency gain, coupled with quicker updates to complex diagrams, has improved customer satisfaction.”

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"Since implementing Eraser, our documentation efforts have skyrocketed from just 4 documents to over 110 in just six months."

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“Eraser has unlocked a 30% increase in developer productivity due to faster onboarding, better cross-functional collaboration, and less room for mis-communication.”

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Loved by technical teams
Dennis Dao
Distinguished Software Architect, MISSION+

What I love most is its Markdown note-taking feature, which allows you to include snapshots of diagrams directly in the canvas. Clicking on these snapshots takes you straight to the relevant diagram section.

Alex Kenley
Technical Director, Mott Mac

As a proof of concept, using Eraser I manually built out a VMWare validated design which is a fairly complex conceptual design for NSX-T Network Virtualization in an enterprise environment. ... I put this whole thing together in under an hour. Pretty wild.

What does larger scale software development look like?

Web Dev Cody

Building Large Scale Microservice Applications

Fernando Borretti
Software engineer @ Mathspace

I've recently started using and it's simply delightful: the best of Graphviz and Figma and code-to-diagrams in a neat UI.

Terrance Bryant
Founder, SideKechs

All of the things that I was doing in 15 different places all in one place. It makes my architecture job easier. And committing back to the codebase is great.

Sohail Jafri
Senior Developer, Webenetic

This tool has completely transformed the way I work by allowing me to generate ER diagrams and system architecture efficiently ... What impressed me the most was how fast and efficient it was,

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Lama Dev
Lewis Norris
Founder, talksprout

Just recently come across @eraserlabs. This shit is honestly so good. Been showing it off to any team member I can lol

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Kishan Sheth
Patrick Krukenfellner

In other drawing tools, you have to think ... and it takes too long. With eraser, it's so intuitive that you can, draw the diagram at the speed of your thought. Other tools don't have the usability and the simplicity of Eraser.

Stephen Moreira
Founder, BL Media Group

DiagramGPT might be the tool i’ve been truly missing my whole dev life, diagrams are so useful when communicating to an audience but they are a huge time sucker and pain to keep up to date.

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