State Diagrams

Eraser's state change diagrams let you visually represent the various states of your services and components and how they transition between states.

  • Easily visualize complex state machines
  • Create diagrams to model core states and also show triggers that cause state changes and the actions that result from them.
  • Document full lifecycle and map out error handling

Create one from scratch or use one of our examples.

State transition diagrams

Building a message queue, data synching mechanism, complex form or some other system with many states and transitions?  A state transition diagram is the perfect way to plan your work. Eraser makes it easy to create and iterate on these diagrams.

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State flow with sequence diagrams

Sequence diagrams are a perfect complement for state transition diagrams. They can map out one or more canonical flows through different states as users or other parts of your system interact with the module you're working on. Using Eraser's diagram-as-code feature, you can create (or modify!) a beautiful sequence diagram in under a minute.

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Rich note editor integration

Complex state machines can be hard to understand. Eraser's diagrams are richly integrated with our markdown-based note editor, making it easy to embed diagrams directly into all of your documents. Creating clear, compelling technical designs, proposals, and documentation has never been easier!

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