Decision Trees

Using Eraser, you can easily create decision trees to map out complex scenarios and their consequences. Eraser's keyboard shortcuts allow you to draw a decision tree end-to-end without your hands touching the mouse.

Create a decision record

Use decision trees drawn with Eraser to document the thought process behind important decisions. Make decisions more understandable for everyone.

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Rapid drawing with keyboard shortcuts

No more painful dragging boxes and arrows with your mouse. Go much quicker by using keyboard shortcuts to draw and navigate an entire decision tree.

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Shapes and tech icons included

With Eraser you don't need to hunt for database shapes or AWS icons. Most tech logos and cloud icons are included.

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Whiteboard Interview
Eraser is the easiest way to conduct a remote whiteboarding interview. Just send a link to your counterpart and immediately get started.
Eraser makes documentation enjoyable to create and consume