DevOps Diagrams

One critical part of documenting and planning your products and services is understanding how and where they are deployed. This is critical not only for your DevOps organization, but helps everyone from engineering and product to sales enablement and security understand the the capabilities, limitations, and vulnerabilities of your services. Common use cases include:

  • Network diagrams showing subnets, ingress and egress points.
  • Deployment diagrams showing where all of your APIs and databases are deployed
  • Mapping our the routing and caching layers for your content delivery and request handling

Eraser's simple UI is easy to learn, and our keyboard shortcuts, icon library, advanced diagramming tools, and rich notepad make it an excellent tool for documenting your system deployment.

Architecture Diagram-as-Code

A solid architecture diagram (also called deployment or system diagram) is the bread and butter of your dev ops documentation. Using Eraser's easy-to-learn diagram-as-code feature and comprehensive icon library, you can create an architecture diagram in under a minute.

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Cloud Vendor Icons

Eraser comes with a comprehensive built-in icon library that includes hundreds of cloud provider services, popular tech logos, and general purpose icons. Use them anywhere on the canvas to give your diagrams clarify and life.

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Store alongside your config

We live in a world where infrastructure-as-code, configuration, and other deploy artifacts live in Git. Now your rich diagrams and documentation can too!  Our Github integration makes it easy to create in Eraser and store in git.

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Eraser is the easiest way to conduct a remote whiteboarding interview. Just send a link to your counterpart and immediately get started.
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