Dependency Diagrams

Understanding dependencies is critical for aligning priorities and technical vision. When everyone has only a rough picture in their head, critical relationships can slip and emerge later as roadblocks. A simple diagram, embedded into a project plan or architecture doc, can forge a shared understanding.

Use Eraser to:

  • Map project dependencies for roadmap planning
  • Visualize which modules, services, or features need others to function

Eraser's simple UI, keyboard shortcuts, icon library, advanced diagramming tools, and rich note editor make it the best tool for documenting dependencies.

Discoverable feature dependencies

Feature dependency diagrams help you visualize how your product and services interconnect. These are useful on their own, but even better in tandem with rich architecture and service diagrams. Our file linking features make it easy to explicitly reference relevant docs. And our search will let you find all mentions of a feature, even in diagrams!

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Project dependencies

Just starting out on a project? Map out your dependencies in minutes with clear diagrams. Starting with a simple format, you can layer on indicators for team ownership and component status. Eraser's TODO lists and at-mentions are a perfect addition.

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Using Eraser's ´╗┐´╗┐diagram-as-code functionality, you can turn our straightforward syntax directly into a diagram without needing to worry about moving shapes around. This is perfect to quickly generate and iterate on a diagram while brainstorming or putting together an initial proposal.

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