API Diagrams

Using Eraser you can easily create clear, visually appealing documents for your services and APIs, including:

  • System diagrams showing your API and service architecture
  • Diagrams for individual API endpoints, lambdas, or service calls.
  • Digestible, collaborative technical proposals for building out new APIs and services

Eraser's simple UI, powerful diagramming features, preset icons, and easy embeds, make it a treat to documents for all your services and APIs. Create one from scratch or use one of our examples.

End-to-end flows API endpoint

Eraser's beautiful sequence diagrams are perfect for explaining the end-to-end flow of a particular API endpoint, cloud function, or service call. This is an excellent way to start designing a new endpoint or API, and our diagram-as-code feature makes them easier than ever to create.

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Diagram-as-code for architecture

Eraser's architecture diagrams are perfect for explaining how your services, data stores, and pipelines fit together. This is critical for on-boarding and serves as an excellent reference tool to keep teams aligned. Easily make these in minutes with our diagram-as-code feature.

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GitHub integration

Trying to keep your API and service documentation living next to your code? Want to make it easy to review changes, and ensure your docs are synced with your code? Our Github integration makes it easy to create in Eraser and store in git.

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Whiteboard Interview
Eraser is the easiest way to conduct a remote whiteboarding interview. Just send a link to your counterpart and immediately get started.
Eraser makes documentation enjoyable to create and consume