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Chargeflow experienced an explosive growth in documentation

"Since implementing Eraser, our documentation efforts have skyrocketed from just 4 documents to over 110 in just six months."


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Chargeflow is a fully automated chargeback management service tailored specifically for eCommerce merchants. It leverages big data and deep integration with merchant systems to generate and submit tailored chargeback evidence on behalf of its users, aiming to streamline dispute resolution and improve win rates.

The challenge

We have experienced rapid growth which comes with it's own set of challenges. We're tackling significant technical debt that affects our system's performance and scalability. Our engineering team has expanded significantly, creating a need for improved onboarding and training processes. We're also striving to foster an engineering culture that prioritizes comprehensive design documentation and decision-making transparency.

Additionally, as we hire globally, we need robust tools to standardize technical interviews across different regions.

The solution

Integrated Documentation & Diagramming: Eraser provided a unified solution for creating documentation and diagrams within the same tool, utilizing markdown for a seamless integration. This integration allowed for easy updates and a clear understanding of system changes, saving significant time and effort previously spent on manual diagramming.

Agile Design Tools: Eraser’s diagrams-as-code feature simplified the process of evolving system designs. This capability made it trivial to revisit and adjust designs, supporting our fast-paced development and scaling efforts.

User-Friendly Interface: Eraser's simplicity ensured a minimal learning curve, making it accessible to users of varying technical levels. Its ease of use facilitated quick adoption across our team, with most members becoming proficient within minutes.

Centralized R&D Documentation: Eraser became the single tool of choice for our R&D team’s design documentation, streamlining our processes and ensuring consistency in our design and architecture documentation efforts.


Eraser is a tool that 100% of our engineering team uses and loves. Since implementing Eraser, our documentation efforts have skyrocketed from just 4 documents to over 110 in just six months. This exponential growth underscores the tool's ability to streamline and enhance our documentation processes, empowering our team to capture and share crucial information more effectively.

Reviewing engineering candidates' interview assignments became more efficient, now taking only 5-10 minutes as all relevant information is consolidated into a single location.

Alon Weiss

CTO, Chargeflow

“Implementing Eraser sped up diagram creation by 10x... This efficiency gain, coupled with quicker updates to complex diagrams, has improved customer satisfaction.”

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“Eraser has unlocked a 30% increase in developer productivity due to faster onboarding, better cross-functional collaboration, and less room for mis-communication.”

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Beyond data flow diagrams, do you need to create other technical docs and diagrams like design docs, RFCs, network diagrams, and API diagrams? Eraser provides a single platform for modern engineering teams to collaborate on docs and diagrams.

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