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Innovative Solutions sees 10x speed up in drawing diagrams for customers

“Implementing Eraser sped up diagram creation by 10x... This efficiency gain, coupled with quicker updates to complex diagrams, has improved customer satisfaction.”

Innovative Solutions

An AWS Premier Tier Services Partner focused on helping every SMB leverage the power of the cloud


Information Technology & Services


West Henrietta, NY

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Innovative Solutions is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner specializing in cloud migrations, managed services, generative AI, application modernization, and cloud operations. We focus on leveraging the power of AWS to support businesses in enhancing their IT infrastructure, optimizing costs, and modernizing applications to drive growth and profitability.

The challenge

At Innovative Solutions, we faced challenges that hindered our efficiency and customer experience regarding technical diagrams. We needed to find a more efficient process to generate diagrams quickly during or right after customer calls, which would in turn reduce room for miscommunication and allow quicker project completion. The manual process required to create diagrams for each project not only consumed significant time but also restricted our operational bandwidth. We needed a solution that the whole team could use to generate diagrams quickly.

The solution

Automated diagramming: By integrating with Eraser's AI API, we created a Slackbot powered by IBM watsonx Assistant, Amazon Bedrock, and that allows our team to generate architecture diagrams on-demand during discussions. We utilized IBM watsonx Assistant integrated with Weaviate and AWS Bedrock to provide large language model (LLM) answers, which could then be fed into Eraser's AI API. This automation has streamlined our workflow, making diagram generation instantaneous and contextually relevant.

Visual documentation automation: We leveraged the Eraser platform's generative AI capabilities to produce production-grade sequence diagrams. This feature not only saves time but also ensures accuracy and consistency in our visual documentation.

Streamlined client revisions: Utilizing the diagram-as-code feature, we can make precise updates to our diagrams, enhancing the overall customer experience by providing rapid and quality edits. This capability allows us to quickly send revised diagrams back to customers, significantly improving our responsiveness and increasing their satisfaction.


Implementing Eraser sped up diagram generation by 10x, significantly streamlining our design processes. This efficiency gain, coupled with quicker updates to complex diagrams, has led to improved customer satisfaction and retention. Additionally, the Eraser team's prompt and responsive support, including rapid feature enhancements, has further enhanced our operational efficiency.

Michael Krauklis

Chief Architect, Innovative Solutions

"Since implementing Eraser, our documentation efforts have skyrocketed from just 4 documents to over 110 in just six months."

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“Eraser has unlocked a 30% increase in developer productivity due to faster onboarding, better cross-functional collaboration, and less room for mis-communication.”

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