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Palm Finance unlocked a 30% increase in productivity

“Eraser has unlocked a 30% increase in developer productivity due to faster onboarding, better cross-functional collaboration, and less room for mis-communication.”

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Palm is a finance and connectivity platform tailored for SMBs, integrating with financial systems like banks, commerce rails, and accounting/ERP systems through services such as Plaid. It processes structured and unstructured data, including documents and PDFs, to bolster semantic search capabilities and provide actionable insights.

The challenge

We are a remote-first team that is globally distributed and are building over four different services for not only our customers, but for our distribution and developer partners as well.

We needed a better way to align everyone on the backend infrastructure and data pipeline especially as we onboard new team members and external partners.

We needed a visualization solution for the Financial Universal Schema for internal and external stakeholders.

The solution

Centralized technical documentation: We use Eraser as a centralized repository for Engineering, Product, and Data containing detailed technical documentation and architecture. We used Eraser for visually representing our data application's architecture, including microservices, databases, and other components. Visual representations helped team members and partners intuitively understand the system's structure and dependencies.

AI diagramming: Using Eraser AI, we're able to generate diagrams rapidly. For example, by uploading a JSON file that contains the data model schema, it's possible to quickly draw an Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD). Utilizing Eraser syntax for ERD visualization provides a structured format for defining your data model. It offers flexibility and programmability, making it easier to automate certain aspects of diagram generation or integrate with other tools and systems in your workflow.

GitHub sync: We used GitHub to allow for version control and collaboration on our diagrams. It ensures that everyone is working on the most up-to-date version of the architecture diagrams and can track changes over time. This is especially important for maintaining consistency and clarity within the team and with external partners.

Micro-service architecture: Aligning on core micro-services architecture and multimodal language model (LLM) orchestration and deployment is crucial for ensuring everyone is on the same page regarding the system's design, capabilities, and deployment strategies. Visual diagrams serve as a common language for discussing and refining these concepts.


Eraser has unlocked a 30% increase in developer productivity due to faster onboarding, better cross-functional collaboration, and less room for mis-communication.

We were able to streamline onboarding for new developers to deliver value in just one week.

James Labastida

Co-Founder, Palm

“Implementing Eraser sped up diagram creation by 10x... This efficiency gain, coupled with quicker updates to complex diagrams, has improved customer satisfaction.”

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"Since implementing Eraser, our documentation efforts have skyrocketed from just 4 documents to over 110 in just six months."

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