Eraser AI - The first copilot for technical design | Product Hunt
Eraser AI - The first copilot for technical design | Product Hunt
Eraser AI - The first copilot for technical design | Product Hunt
Eraser AI - The first copilot for technical design | Product Hunt

Trusted by leading engineering teams globally

A powerful AI tool for modern developers

Write natural language prompts to output diagram code that you can save, edit, and share with your team


Generate diagrams on an infinite canvas

Create cloud architecture diagrams, database diagrams, and more in seconds — just by describing it or pasting in some code.

Maintain Control. Eraser AI's outputs are fully editable. AI assisted, not AI only. Spend more time thinking, less time clicking and typing.

Built for Developers. Eraser is built by and for developers. GitHub sync, check. VS Code extension, check.

No Training. Your data is your data. We don't train AI models with your data. SOC II Type 2 audited and enterprise ready.


Iterate with AI to edit and improve your diagrams

Let AI handle the tedious changes and focus on thinking.

Diagram-as-code. Eraser AI outputs diagram code that you can easily edit. It makes maintaining and updating diagrams a breeze.

Track and save work. Maintain a trail of work with prompt history. Invite teammates and create a shared knowledge repository.

Built-in multiplayer. Share your docs and diagrams with colleagues, present, comment and iterate together in real-time.


Document your best ideas

Don't stop at diagrams. Create outlines for technical design docs and documentation.

Markdown editor. Eraser comes with a fully featured markdown editor for creating design docs and documentation.

Sync everywhere. Sync your work to Confluence, Notion. Even create a PR to GitHub from Eraser.

Beautifully visual docs. Create beautiful technical docs that are easy to create and a joy to consume.

Get started for free

Centralize all of your scattered docs and diagrams. Build a team knowledge repository with a multiplayer-first tool.

Try out DiagramGPT

A free sandbox* to generate diagrams from prompts. *No account or login required.

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Access Eraser AI via API

Integrate Eraser AI to your app or workflow

API Docs

Eraser AI in the GPT store

Generate diagrams from ChatGPT

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“Eraser has unlocked a 30% increase in developer productivity due to faster onboarding, better cross-functional collaboration, and less room for mis-communication.”

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"Since implementing Eraser, our documentation efforts have skyrocketed from just 4 documents to over 110 in just six months."

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Can I use Eraser for free?

Yes, the Free plan is for individuals and small teams who are getting started on Eraser. Free plan teams can create up to 5 files and generate up to 20 AI diagrams or outlines.

Will Eraser use my data for model training?

No, Eraser will never use user data for training models. Nor will our LLM API provider OpenAI.

What features are included in Eraser AI?

Eraser AI is a copilot for technical design that can help you through out the planning phase of your project. It can create new diagrams, edit existing diagrams, and generate document outlines.

Can I edit the outputs of Eraser AI?

Yes, you can edit diagrams generated by AI by editing the underlying diagram-as-code or by using AI prompts. Whichever is the right tool for your edit.

How does Eraser AI work?

Diagrams generated by Eraser AI are represented as diagram-as-code. Just like coding copilots that can generate JavaScript or Python, Eraser AI is a copilot that can generate diagram code.

Can I customize the output of Eraser AI?

Custom AI outputs may be available to enterprise customers. Please reach out to to schedule a call.

How can I try Eraser AI?

You can try Eraser AI for free simply by creating an Eraser account.

Does Eraser AI provide an API?

Eraser AI does provide an API for generating AI diagrams, available to Professional or Enterprise Plan users.

Do I have to pay separately for Eraser AI?

Unlimited usage of Eraser AI is included in the Professional and Enterprise Plan and you do not have to pay extra for access to Eraser AI. The Free Plan also offers 20 AI generations and edits.

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